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What is DRC?


Watch the video below to learn about DRC. Click here to read more about the club.

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What Is The DHP Reviewers' Club?

The DHP Reviewers' Club also known as DRC is a a forum of like-minded reviewers who have the opportunity to write reviews and exchange ideas and views! Geared towards romance readers, DRC offers members the opportunity to write blogs, speak to our authors directly and win amazon vouchers!


Do I Have To Pay To Become A Member?

No, it's absolutely free to be a member! 


How Do I Join?

The video at the top of the page explains this question very well. Firstly you need to be a fan of the contemporary romance genre. You also need to be able to post your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. It helps to have already read and reviewed one of our books so you understand what contemporary romance means to DHP


Where Do I Submit My Request To Join?

Start by clicking on the 'enter DRC' button. Fill in your details and tick the 'join DRC' box. Click submit and we will accept your submission as quickly as we can! This can take up to a week but normally much sooner.