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5 Comedy Movies to Quench Your Boredom

I’ve put together a list of 5 comedy movies to quench your boredom. There’s only really a handful of things you can do under lockdown. You can’t travel very far from your home, and if you live in an urban area those buildings can become a boring scene very quickly. Hobbies and other activities take some enthusiasm to get going and there’s only so much proactive / productive juice in the tank per day or week, if you’re like me anyway.

To help you out, here’s five comedy movies with reasons as to why I’ve put them here. This is not a top 5 by the way and be warned, there may be spoilers and this list caters to my taste. So hopefully you will also enjoy the movies I have outlined!

1) The Fundamentals of Caring

Starring: Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts and Selena Gomez.

Why I recommend this:

This movie isn’t purely comedy but there is plenty of it to place it on this list. I like movies that make you think about life. Reflect on what you have and either feel gratitude for what you have or make you want to chase the things you want. This movie provides the former.

Paul Rudd becomes the caregiver for a disabled teenager and what was a strictly carer and caree relationship begins to grow into a little more. They go on this awesome road trip and really discover some things about themselves. Selena Gomez provides an interesting ingredient to the trio and you almost feel like sharing your own stories with these characters, to fill the unspoken sequences during their journey.

For this movie, set some time aside and really watch it. I like to have movies running in the background while I work, and I tried it with this. As you might expect, I didn’t get any work done for the next hour or so!

2) Yes Man

Starring: Jim Carrey , Zooey Deschanel and Bradley Cooper

Why I recommend this:

Just say yes, don’t think about it. When a ‘down on his luck’ man. Wait let me rephrase. When a man who permanently feels like he’s ‘down on his luck’ (yeah that sounds right) reluctantly visits a ‘YES’ convention, his life has changed. He normally says no to everything, makes excuses for not hanging out with his friends. He suddenly decides to follow the rules from the convention, say ‘Yes’ to things. Except he decides to say yes to everything which leads him into some fun / trouble. (He really misunderstood the exercise)

Now Jim, is undoubtedly the king of comedy, right? Right? It’s interesting how making one small change, quite literally changing one response can flip your world. I took it as a lesson to open up my world. It is a comedy, and it is light hearted but the message is screaming at you through a Jim Carrey shaped megaphone.


That’s what I took away from it anyway. There are some parallels between Carrey’s’ character and me and while I was laughing, I was vigorously writing about things I should try out.

3) As Good As It Gets

Starring: Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear and Cuba Gooding Jnr

Why I recommend this:

I regret not making this list in order because this would actually go straight to the top.

This is a bit of comedy / drama movie similar to ‘Fundamentals of Caring’ but the characters find a balance of the two in this movie.

Jack portrays a man with a disorder, not a biggie but one that is interesting. I hope disorder is the right word. Anyway. He’s an obnoxious writer who likes one table in this restaurant and will only allow Helen Hunt to serve him. The waitress who has to take care of her ill child works harder than most mums in NY and somehow finds the time to cater to Jack’s sharp-tongued character. Meanwhile his neighbour, Greg who is an artist supported by Cuba finds himself in a tough spot. Trying really hard not to spoil it for you guys. The three, end up going on a road trip and really that’s all I want to say about this.

There’s a beautiful dog that helps expose this brutish man for all his human complexities. This is truly a beautiful movie and my words can’t express how it made me feel. Maybe I can ask Ravina or Kyra to give it a crack!

This movie deserves your time so make sure you set some aside and really sit down.

4) Hitch

Starring: Will Smith, Kevin James, Eva Mendes and Amber Valletta

Why I recommend this:

DHP publishes a lot of romance books, so I guess most of our subscribers are interested this genre? The previous line may have given away my level of intelligence. That’s right, I am a genius.

Will Smith, the 'Date Doctor' helps Kevin James get the girl of his dreams. Providing him with the right things to say and do and surely enough, Kevin has grabbed her attention. But Will, has also fallen for someone, no prizes for guessing which actor. I think you can guess what kind of shenanigans Kevin James’ character gets himself into whilst chasing the girl.

What we find, is that we always have inside us, what we seek and sometimes it can take somebody else to help bring it out. I miss young Will Smith, oh time, you evil merchant.

This is a light-hearted one so if you have some spare time, flick this one on.

5) The Heartbreak Kid

Starring: Ben Stiller, Malin Akerman and Michelle Monghan

Why I recommend this:

Ok, so huge Ben Stiller fan here so apologies for this extremely biased recommendation.

Ben, a divorced sports shop owner, sports gear shop owner, I don’t know it’s shop. So, he bumps into Akerman and falls for her, literally and quite immediately decides to marry her. What could possibly be wrong with this blonde bombshell who is a scientist?! On their honeymoon, discoveries are made and let’s say Ben is dealt a bad hand. Wait maybe not, he meets Michelle, who he also falls for and now this kid begins to break hearts.

It’s my go to movie, if ever in doubt I just put this on.

The movie really takes the whole ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ to a new level, a lesson that Ben’s character won’t forget. I don’t think anyone needs to be told, to not jump into marriage too quickly, but this movie teaches you a lot of these basic lessons at the expense of Ben Stiller.

There’s my list. Hope you like it; hope you watch every movie. Leave a comment and share some of your own. I’d love to add to my list of movies to watch!

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