• Rahull Ravi

5 Tips for New Authors on Twitter:


The commercial age of social media, Twitter has really stuck to its roots. It remains to be the only one of the big three (Instagram and Facebook being the other two) that revolves around building relationships and creating fantastic conversations.

Which is why, if you’re an author who is coming on to Twitter with 0 followers and a wonderfully written book to sell and promote, save yourself the stress and quit the hard sell, it just won’t work on Twitter. There are a few lessons you need to learn about the audience on Twitter first:

Use the Popular Hashtags #WritingCommunity and #WritersLift:

The first thing anyone does when they join Twitter is to find their niche. Authors, luckily for you, those who have come before you have paved the way. The popular hashtags #writingcommunity #writerscafe and #writerslift are used all over by authors on Twitter. These hashtags help new authors on Twitter grow their followers and meet new people. They also are popular within existing authors on Twitter who have the objective of increasing the engagement on their tweets through extra likes, retweets and replies.

Pro tip: Once you join Twitter, kindly introduce yourself to everyone in a tweet and ask for followers from other authors and end your tweet with #WritersLift and watch your engagement rise!

Follow for Follow Method:

This is common Twitter etiquette. Not just for the Writing Community but for everyone. When you follow someone, the chances they’ll follow you back, just make sure you have a profile picture, a bio and some tweets. If your account looks like a bot account, you won’t get any followers. On the flip side, if your account is chalk full of great, valuable content, people will follow you without a second thought.

Pro tip: Go to the followers of a popular account in the writing community and follow all their followers. This is a quick way to find people in the writing community.

Build Relationships:

Right, you’ve found your niche, you’re following hundreds of other authors and readers alike and you might have a few hundred followers yourself, yet you’re getting little to no engagement on your tweets, why?!

You need to engage with other people’s content, it’s that simple. Support other author’s content, writing journeys and be nice to them, compliment them. Remember: compliments create conversations. The more you appear under other people’s tweets, the more interest you’ll generate from others and suddenly you’ll find your engagement (likes, retweets and replies) shooting up!

Build Your Personal Brand:

Your personal brand is essentially how others perceive you. Think about it this way, if you weren’t in the room, how would people talk about you? What would be their main talking points? Remember, you and only you are in control of your personal brand, your content and the tone of which you present that content, will reflect back on you and your brand.

The most popular authors in the writing community have a clear, defined brand whether it’s providing writing advice, motivational tweets or simply cracking jokes and being a hilarious individual! If you really want to grow a follower base on Twitter, decide on your brand, decide what your account is going to be all about and what sort of value you want to provide other authors on Twitter.

Avoid the Hard Sell:

This cannot be emphasised enough. If you sign up to Twitter and tweet non-stop about how amazing your book is and that everyone should buy it, you will be ignored and rightly so! As I mentioned at the start, Twitter is about having fantastic conversations and providing value to each other. Have you ever spoken to someone in real life who only spoke about themselves and how amazing they are? It’s annoying, right? Well, Twitter is the same. You can promote your products, just build solid relationships first and provide value to others before promoting your products.

For new authors coming on to Twitter, these 5 tips should be your gospel, live by them and you will have an enjoyable, stress free time on Twitter and hopefully sell some books in the long-term!

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Rahull Ravi

Marketing Director

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