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Short Stories

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to our latest author, Soleil Collins. She has offered to start her time by writing 12 short stories. Why 12? Read her first blog HERE as she explains why along with many more little facts about herself. All 12 stories will be free to read. We'll publish them as we go along, sign up to our email list so you can keep up with the latest additions. 


We hope you enjoy them!

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Randi Moffatt, bounty-hunter extraordinaire, is looking for an escaped convict – a pirate. She goes undercover at a popular seaside bar in San Diego, where her prey is known to have frequented, hoping to catch him. There, Randi encounters several interesting characters, but which of them is her prey? Or is she going to return empty-handed?


He Came On A Summers Day

Soleil Collins

Action, adventure with a dash of romance!